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Geumsan Jams
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What are they?

Revisited Korean Foods

The biggest mistake, when it comes to bring out something new, is to have the conviction that it will fail, even without giving it a chance.

A Limited Daily Production

These Korean products are made by passionate artisans who left their financial stability from other cities to engage into something definitely more incertain in the countryside, but also more rewarding for us and for the environment. 

Entirely discoverable from your Home!

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“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”

Albert Einstein

Get new recipe ideas

New Korean foods mean new ways to show your world your creativity.


New Korean foods also  mean new, authentic and valuable stories and experiences to share.

Contribute to a Fair trade

Your support is a big help to maintain the artisans eco-friendly activity.

Because your opinion matters

With the power of your feedback, take action to improve the quality of the new products. And who knows, it can also be helpful in future products & projects creation.

What we are thankful for

They already liked

Que du bonheur vos produits j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee je viens de faire des recettes à très bientôt.

Hellyane P.


J'ai reçu le colis je suis trop content, j'ai découvert toutes ces merveilles et je vous en remercie.




사실 인삼잼이라고 하면 젊은 분들은 거부감을 느끼지 않을까 했는데 인삼의 강한 향이 거의 나지 않고 은은하게 나서 넘 좋았당 ㅎㅎ 귤잼보다 조금 더 꾸덕~~한 느낌! 이렇게 듬뿍 발라 먹어도 거부감 없음!!



La confiture de ginseng n’est ni trop sucrée ni trop amère comme une bonne marmelade d’orange. J'aime aussi du fait qu’elle est efficace dans le transit intestinale. Je le recommanderais certainement.

Raymond H.



After having 'A Meal Today', I now truly understand your passion and dedication to this project. I am honoured for allowing me to be part of something so amazing. Please continue to do such amazing and I would like to stay greatly involved. Thank you

Dalida C.


Étant un grand consommateur de shaker diététique, vitaminé, protéiné en tout genre je suis vraiment fan de ce genre de format. C'est délicieux, j'en consommais à l'heure du petit déjeuner ou en fin de repas. Une préférence pour celui avec l'emballage vert (pousses d'avoine).

Jeff Somec


Received my package and got everything promised AND THEN SOME!!! I am so happy to support this project and hope I can continue to support you more in the near future. I can't wait to try everything!!

Amar A.


Wow, my package just arrived yesterday, and it is beautiful!! Everything that I have tried so far is delicious, and I am obsessed with the oat laver chips!! The oatmeal shake was a bit more liquid than I expected, but was still so tasty and is perfect for having after a workout. I definitely hope to see more from you all here in the future!! 🙂

Marisa G.


I've recently ordered something from Earthmates Meokja for the first time and I can't recommend it enough!!! The products are very tasty and the package arrived quickly. I give it a 5/5!
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