FRico: To extend your network and partnership in Asia

As helping small businesses to develop is one of our objectives, today, we are glad to introduce you FRICO.
FRico’s main activity is not directly related to food, but has been specialized in various areas such as Design, Copywriting and Translation, Video Making and Import-Export in Incheon

Incheon - South Korea

Photo credit: Siska Maria Eviline

Plus, in order to work internationally, Incheon is actually a strategic place as most of the ferries and flights start and come from this area in South Korea. And, as we share the same goal with Earthmates: Meokja, their knowledge and services are huge qualities to work with and to develop.

Providing 100% of original Korean daily life utensils to overseas: FRico!

Do you like using Korean type of utensils in your Life style or as a souvenir? Do you have the project to decorate your house, restaurant, hostel in a Korean way? FRico could makes it true thanks to their strong-build partnerships within the country.
If you have a request, or a particular object you are looking for in Korea, just leave a message and FRico will handle the rest with their intellect.

Embrace your skin care ritual through Korean cosmetics with FRico

Nowadays, thanks to the technologies, people can make their choice of make-up and skin care products a lot easier with online feedbacks. With that in mind, FRico’s selected cosmetics and their reviews are viewable at one place: FRico’s YouTube channel.

For exemple: Tomato Glass Skin Introduction

A cream which respects the skin and make it gorgeous… as a tomato! It has found its place in the Philippines.

Expanding the network

Research and Development

FRico’s mission is to connect local companies to global ones, and grow together through various breakthroughs. To do that, with a lot of effort and patience, the startup has built a strong relationship with the local companies and do promote their manufactured items through video making and editing.
And then, they have been able to open up overseas market and developed domestic products that meet the high standard of international customers.
A stable and efficient supply chain management has been formed so that at FRico, people can provide the best service for their own clients.

FRico's strengh

When you are looking for any kind of Korean style kitchenware or cosmetics, FRico is also the right door to knock out. Their listing will appear soon in the website.

The website for project holders to project holders


And I almost forget, if you have two more minutes, how about learning some quick Korean words about cosmetics with FRico?

Willing to know more about Frico’s services? Then off you go, like and subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

Lastly, the fastest way to support us is by your feedbacks. It will be important into the development of FRico’s activities and services..

We thank you personally to have reached this page!