HAEMALGEUM FARM: Korean-style Oatmeal

For our beloved family, let’s produce healthy and safe foods! With this in mind, we gathered all together, and now, become one community

Is it with these words that “HAEMALGEUM FARM” has been created. Founded in 2009, HAEMALGEUM FARM (which means “sunny farm”) is the result of people from South Korea, who originally live in the city, that wished to change their lifestyle by starting an activity in a more clean and rural area.

So they choose the district of Goheung, in south Jeolla province as a new place to stay.

What they did we call that in korean “Guinong” 귀농: returning to the “Mother land”. (It makes more sense when people are originally from the countryside)

And what’s better to do in a rural and clean area? In order to produce healthy foods for their own families by themselves, doing an agricultural related activity was a unanimous choice among the new founded community.

Then, what you will see from HAEMALGEUM FARM, the main ingredients come from the seeds they have sow by their hands! Speaking of seeds…

OAT, I choose you!

Oats, at first was used as livestock’s exclusive foods, but its valuable nutritional features have widened its consumption through the ages… except in the East.

But, by knowing and studying oats proprieties, the new community has thought about including this cereal in the Korean diet by revisiting existing recipes and creating new kind of foods. That’s how a new kind of foods have appeared in South Korea:

the Korean oatmeals!

A mixed grains recipe

"Oat misutgaru"

Have you head about the “Misutgaru“?
an old recipe that mixes various kind of grains into powder and are used as a drink.

With the newly harvested oats, it adds more nutritional values into the recipe.

Oats noodles, snacks, korean foods… there are few more of this kind of revisited products, and we hope you’ll be existed to discover all of them for your own purpose!

At HAEMALGEUM FARM, people do insist about the following things:

01 In the clean and purest area of Goheung we will do agriculture by ourselves and produce only foods that the next generations could safely enjoy.

02 With earth lovers and those who love farming among the soil, we will grow honest crops with the sweat of our hard work.

03 We do not use imported, GMO crops nor additives and pledge that all crops that we are growing are local product in South Korea.

HAEMALGEUM FARM: A Story of grains

Story of grains 2: HAEMALGEUM FARM and you

According to the drawing, each “sun rays” mean a propriety from the community’s products. The center indicates that everyone’s diet can enjoy HAEMALGEUM FARM’s products as the ingredients are mainly from vegetables.

Plus, products are grown in a eco-friendly environment, which help making them healthier and appropriate for personal or children’s growth.

The foods are even carefully thought and processed that a diabetic person could also find his or her needs within the products.

Introducing the community's Lifestyle to visitors

To let people knowing about the place and their activity in the farm, HAEMALGEUM FARM has applied in 2016 to be a “WWOOF Host“. For people who are willing to experience volunteering life in the countryside of Korea.


With all these qualities, and this willing to produce new kind of healthy and Korean foods with a not really well known oats in Korea, the community became a respectful identity that we want to show you through their hard work and interesting recipes.

Willing to try HAEMALGEUM FARM’s production and understand their motive? Then check out their products on the Store!

  • Oat nurungjis

  • Oat laver chips (Kim bugak)

  • Oat Crunch

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