SAMRO: When Ginseng meets pastries

Have you heard of the district of Geumsan? 

@2011 Geumsan World Ginseng Expo

Geumsan… where the Ginseng is produced to the fact to be famous within the country and at an international scale. Also every year, the district hold a World Ginseng Expo where local people and foreigners gather and can discover within local products the most authentic and unexpected thing they could never see anywhere else.

A place of trade and opportunities


What we want to introduce you today is located at the Geumsan Market. This place has been renewed that the young generation can also start their own business. Thanks to that, it allows to keep the old traditional marketplace with newer ideas at another area in the market.

Geumsan Market: Today

The place is also called “Cinemarket” as a movie theater has opened in April 2018 in front of the local market.

When Ginseng meets pastries

Ginseng is known to reinforce the immune system but the bitterness is not for everyone. On the other hand, the pastries are known to be delicious and easy to eat but the sweetness is something we should be aware in our daily diet. Then what happen when combining both?

The artisans we are showcasing today have done even better.

A Story of Ginseng

We may thing that all the nutritional values are faded away but, at SAMRO, what makes their pastries sweet and balanced is called fructo-oligosaccharide. 

A unexpected recipe

A first thing to know about the ginseng pastries of SAMRO is, that they are made without wheat flour nor preservatives. Instead, rice flour and barley are used to make a soft and spongy texture.

A unique design

It’s thanks to this machine, that the ginseng pastries have their own ginseng looking shapes. The cooker was imaginated and created by the artisans themselves and then, owns its own pattern.
The dough and the ginseng cream are supplied by a tube above the heating plates which will be closed and cook the pastries mix as cooking delicious waffles.

To make Ginseng products enjoyable

It’s kinda a hard task to make us like something we are not use to eat. For SAMRO, another way to introduce Ginseng products in our lives is by making jams.

SAMRO's Jams collection

Jams are known for being sweet, and the ginseng for being bitter. So how could these two match each other?
The explanations lies below. And first, is it important to know what kind of sugar is used to all SAMRO’s recipes.

Sugar VS Fructo-oligosaccharide

A thoughtful feature of SAMRO pastries is that compared to the regular sugar, the sweetness from the fructo-oligosaccharide prevents sugar components to disintegrate within the body, which greatly help to reduce sugar-absorption during the transit.

Thanks to the Oligo-saccharides, Ginseng pastries are suitable to any kind of diet.

SAMRO and the rest of the world

Promoting this kind of Ginseng product might not be easy because of the overall customs, but we are really looking forward to introduce you their delicacies in details and break some clichés at the same time. Some natives and lucky people in Europe have tested some of these products, and shared us their thoughts.

The Ginseng Jam isn't either too sweet or too bitter as a good Orange marmalade during a breakfast. I like it because I also feel it makes the digestion more efficient. I would certainly recommend it.
Raymond Hatton
사실 인삼잼이라고 하면 젊은 분들은 거부감을 느끼지 않을까 했는데 인삼의 강한 향이 거의 나지 않고 은은하게 나서 넘 좋았당 ㅎㅎ 귤잼보다 조금 더 꾸덕~~한 느낌! 이렇게 듬뿍 발라 먹어도 거부감 없음!!

SAMRO’s Jams are already out and the pastries will appear soon on the Earthmates Store. We hope you’ll be as exited as us to try out this exclusive delicacies from Geumsan.

The fastest way to support us is by your feedbacks. It will be important for the development of SAMRO’s activities and your overall experience with ginseng pastries.

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