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Discover new tastes from Geumsan, or how to enjoy local products in a sweet and healthy way.
The real secret of this recipe lies below.

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Basically, the Ginseng is a gift for your health.
But, we often assimilate healthy food from plants as bitter, and the bitterness of the Ginseng makes it difficult to enjoy as it, and make us guess that all recipes including Ginseng are necessarily bitter.
If it’s the case, then get ready to what you are going to read from now.

Combining two contradictory flavors for a most surprising result

Korea Geumsan Ginseng Jam

Similar to the Orange marmalade, the Ginseng Jam isn’t that bitter as we could first think.
And putting a lot of sugar won’t make the jam healthier as well.
The real secret to the jam recipe lies within this ingredient:


To prevent the sugar decomposing in our body



During the digestion, the white sugar decomposes into fructose and glucose and go through the body. The fructo-oligosaccharides prevent its sweetness from decomposing. Combining with ginseng proprieties, it makes this ingredient suitable  in a healthy and enjoyable diet.


How are made Ginseng Jams and others red ginseng pastries

These authentic sweets have a little atelier where the artisans prepare themselves the ingredients. Yes, the products are handmade.

Ginseng, Paprika, Blueberry, Tomato, Tangerine, these jams are all made in the same way.
With consideration.

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Ginseng Jam, Paprika Jam, Tomato Jam, Tangerine Jam, Blueberry Jam


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