A Meal Today: A Korean Shake-to-drink Oatmeal


A smart and easy food to bring at every moment. This newly recipe comes from the “misutgaru” an old and traditional healthy dedicacy in South Korea but here, we call that “Oat shake” and a box contains 5 units of it. Try scrolling down for further informations.


A Meal Today: A Korean Shake-to-Drink Oatmeal

This newly recipe was inspired by the “misutgaru” an old and traditional healthy delicacy in South Korea.
Before or after a meal, A meal today’s nutrients will help you embrace your daily life without the feeling an empty stomach. Also, a box contains five units, enough for the week.

This product was originally aimed to suit busy people by saving their time while drinking this quick nutrient oatmeal, but as long as it’s healthy and tasty, everyone else is welcome.

At home, at work, anywhere, anytime, A Meal Today and its benefits are here for you.
Its package fits any place in your bag, according to your life style.

For the vegetarians, ingredients such as 15types of cereals guarantee you the vegetable drink you may be looking for.
And also, there is no need to sweeten the drink. You’ll enjoy as it.

A Meal Today: Cool tips

Weight275 g
Flavors & amount

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