[ORGANIC] Yuja puree


The right and precious ingredient that the Nature of Goheung has given to us. Scroll down for more informations and cooking tips!

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In South Korea, if we think about Yuja, we think of Goheung. And if we think about Goheung we think of Yuja!
Because it’s the precious and right food that Nature has given to us.

The producer has been growing this fruit in his farm since 1991,
on the southern edge of Goheung in South Jeolla province.
He will assure do his best to satisfy your needs, including cultivation, production in Goheung, the hometown of Yuzus and pomegranates. At Earthmates Meokja, we support the sales, and claims area, as your feedback is
essential for the producers’ growth and improvement.

How to: Yuja puree as cooking ingredient

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